Books to Get You Started Creating OOAK Dolls

Books to Get You Started Creating OOAK Dolls

There are many books that can help you get started creating OOAK fashion dolls. Some cover basics like sewing or creating shoes, while a few others cover everything from repainting to beading techniques. Because creating OOAK fashion dolls requires a wide range of skills — from sewing to painting to beading to mold making — you could build an entire library of books to teach you everything you need to know. Not all of these books will be written with doll-making in mind, but they will teach you the skills you need to know.

Here are just a few books that will teach you some basics about how to create one-of-a-kind fashion dolls:









Ultimate Fashion Doll Makeovers: Tips from the Experts

Jim Faraone compiled this bible for creating OOAK fashion doll makeovers by interviewing dozens of doll artists and inviting them to share their techniques. The book is laid out in the style of a chat room, with artists sharing their tips as if friends having a conversation over drinks. Learn all the basics of creating your first one-of-a-kind doll with this authoritative book.

Want more? Jim has several other books in this series to show you how to create OOAK dolls.









The Art of Making Beautiful Fashion Doll Shoes

You can become a miniature cobbler with this book, which teaches you how to make a variety of shoes from the mold-making process to the finishing details. The book includes patterns for a few basic styles for popular dolls such as Cissy. Patterns can be re-sized for any size fashion doll you choose, and the book walks you through how to make your own patterns for different styles.









Sewing Victorian Doll Clothes

Learn about the style and construction of Victorian doll clothes and techniques for re-creating them for dolls with this book. You’ll be sure to create accurate versions of period pieces for stunning costumes for your OOAK dolls.









Making Miniatures

Create beautiful props, furniture, and other accessories for your one-of-a-kind fashion dolls with this book. Though the book focuses on creating miniatures for 1/12 scale — the scale for traditional dollhouses — you can adapt the techniques for 1/6 scale dolls such as Barbie or Fashion Royalty or for 1/4 scale dolls such as Tonner.

Are there any other books that you have used to learn how to create OOAK fashion dolls, or to learn techniques that you have used for your dolls? Share your finds in the comments!

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